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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I weighed in at 232.8 pounds. That is a 1.3 pound loss for the week. I did some great things this week:

1. I exercised 5 times – this included a massive walk from Union Station to the Smithsonian Museum of American History, two Pilates workouts, a power walk and a TaeBo DVD.

2. I made my own salad dressing. I have been reading about the dangers of chemicals and while I cannot avoid them in the JC pre-prepared food, I can certainly select more natural items in my other food choices. I noticed how many chemicals are in the salad dressing so I took 3/4 cup of Flaxseed Oil, 1/2 cup of Red Wine Vinegar, diced onions and garlic and a half a lemon’s worth of juice and Viola! My very own salad dressing.

3. I took a sick day. Sometimes a little sniffle can turn into the flu if you don’t rest and take care of yourself. I did not want to get sick so I took Friday off and ran a few errands in the morning (so that I could relax on the weekend) and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

4. I did a lot of visualization! During the day, at the grocery store – wherever I was. I did not just do it at night. Everytime I saw someone with a really wonderful body or glowing clear skin I imagined the day when my skin would glow like that again and I would be healthy, slender and athletic with lots of energy.

5. I got a new card for the Bally’s near me. My husband had treated both of us to a gym membership but since he left Alexandria, the gym is a bit far for him to hit in the morning. Since I work from home, I decided that I will go there for a class or two or maybe a swim every week.

So this was a wonderful week! My JC counselor, Marsha is very proud of me and I am quite proud of myself. This makes a total weight loss of 5.7 pounds in 3 weeks. I wanted to lose 100 pounds in a year. If I keep up this rate, I think I will have no problem.


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Pilates and Other Exercise

I have mixed feelings about Pilates. the claim that you can lose massive amounts of weight in a few weeks by doing it only 3 times a week for 20 minutes are completely bogus. But I will tell you what Pilates will do for you, or at least what it has done for me in the last two weeks. It will improve your posture and strengthen your core muscles in a way that no other form of exercise will. Even standing in line at Target the other day I noticed the difference in my posture and when I was in bed with my husband the other day…well lets just say certain muscles are stronger and leave it at that.

I don’t know if this will be an intense enough workout for the calorie burn I need in order to achieve my desired weight loss rate of 2 lbs per week, but for now I am happy with it. It is challenging without being exhausting or leaving you dripping in sweat, which is the last thing you want to do in the Summer in Virginia!

I lost a lot of weight quickly a few years ago doing TaeBo, but I was 50 pounds thinner when I did that. It’s difficult to do a workout as intense as TaeBo when you weight 234 pounds!!! I am going to give the walking/Pilates thing another week or so, then change it up. Maybe I need to lose a bit of weight before I can go back to the workouts I did in my 20s. I’ll try a 30 minutes TaeBo workout maybe and see how it goes…

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Held Steady Despite Wedding Splurge

I had a few too many glasses of wine on Friday, so although I exercised 5 days last week, I didn’t lose any weight. But the good news is that I did not gain any weight – gotta go. Took a day off and am playing catch up.

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Down 4.4 pounds

First week is always mostly water weight, but still encouraging. Have a plan for my wedding dinner. As it happens, I can order the same thing I usually order at that restaurant with a few modifications. Looking forward to this weekend.

Feel great this morning, despite accidentally waking up fiance while puttering around in the bathroom.

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French Toast is Wonderful!

The Jenny Craig French Toast isn’t too bad! And it was a great reward after my 30 minute walk this morning. Yes, this is the first day that I have actually felt like exercising. I promised I would not weigh myself until my meeting with my counselor on Sunday, but I broke that promise: 235.4 lbs. Down 3.1 pounds. Now that is mostly water, but it is still encouraging. I will post my official weight on Sunday. Feeling good today, though.

By the way, on the sleep issue, here is another reason why I love the French.

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Fat People Can Learn From Drunks

Alcoholics are encouraged to join a 12 step program in order to get well. In these programs they are often told to consider their recovery “one day at a time.” Don’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday…just today. People struggling with weight loss would do well to take this to heart. If you are constantly focusing on how much weight you have to lose in total, you will drive yourself (and others) insane. However, if you focus on each individual day, it does not seem like such a daunting task.

So, like an alcoholic would, I will do just that…and also stop focusing on the things I cannot change and change the things I can. I can change what food goes into my mouth, but I cannot change the fact that I will never have those slim wispy arms – my genetics do not allow for that. My arms will be larger than most no matter how thin I am.

And with that…back to work…

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Evening Snack

I had to actually force myself to eat my evening snack. Was not particularly hungry. FYI – low fat and fat-free organic Stony Field Farm Yogurt tastes exactly the same. And I suggest you buy that brand of yogurt because they are an environmentally friendly brand featured heavily in the documentary Food Inc. Besides, it tastes much better than any other yogurt on the market as far as I am concerned.

Bed time.

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Glorious Sleep

I sleep very well on the 14th floor. Especially now that I am actually eating the recommended amount of servings of fruits and vegetable everyday. Sleep is a very important part of your health. Hardly anyone gets enough of it. I have officially decided that if I am tired, I will sleep. Period. If I wan to take an hour nap every night before dinner, I will. Being tired is my body telling me I need some rest.

Sticking to the eating plan so far. I feel a bit hungry due to the drastic drop in calories, but my body is adjusting well. I even went for a walk in the heat to Target last night to pick up a tea kettle. Anyway…day 2, here we go!

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Of Scheduled Fruits and Vegetables

Jenny forces me to eat fruits and vegetables. I actually like fruits and veggies, so this is no problem for me. And it is nice to be reminded, since Jon Gabriel always talks about nutritional starvation. I will not have that problem. But I did not have a coffee craving this morning even though I passed two Starbucks locations on my way to drop off dry cleaning…

Cereal breakfast was great…it is going to be a bout 100 degrees today, so water will not be a problem…but exercise might be.

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I Called Jenny

A true story:

I am engaged to be married. OK, STOP RIGHT HERE – I assure you that this will not be that kind of weight loss blog; where Bridezilla starves herself to fit into an overpriced tacky dress in order to impress her second cousin twice removed. I’m getting married in 12 days, so unless I amputate a leg, there will be minimal weight loss involved in the next few days.

I moved into my fiance’s apartment yesterday. The last time I was here for dinner, I noticed something. He has this lovely dining room set with black chairs. The chairs have arm rests. I noticed that the arm rests on the chair I was sitting in were very loose. I thought that maybe it was something that just happened over time, but then I remembered: He lives alone, he hasn’t had company in months and I am the only one who sits in that particular chair. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my gigantic ass had loosened those armrests after sitting in that chair only 3 times!!!!

So last week I called Jenny. Jenny who, you ask? The only Jenny that can help me with this particular problem: Ms. Jenny Craig.

I went to my first meeting with my consultant Marsha this morning and realized that I am now tipping the scales at 239 pounds. Since law school, I have put on about 55 pounds. Most of this has been achieved in the past 2 years. Between the stress of being a repeat bar exam taker, trying to find a decent job and being disappointed with my current one, and having to move to the suburbs due to financial constraints where I never walk anywhere (you have to get in a car just to go get a cup of coffee out here!), it is actually not surprising that my ass is, in addition to being visually unpleasant, now destroying designer furniture.

I set my weight loss goal at 100 pounds. So beginning tomorrow, August 10, 2009, I will begin the Jenny Craig program. I went shopping today, purchased all my fruits and vegetables and all my Jenny food. My fiance has been nice enough to buy an entire year’s membership in the program, so all I have to worry about now is buying the food. Their premium program includes all the bells and whistles, discounts and so forth…

So I begin, hopefully for the last time, to shed 31 years of playground insults, traumatic dressing room experiences, really crazy crash diets, stress, poorly fitting business attire and annoying comments from my Mom. And hopefully trade them for a lot of health, a little happiness and a decent fitting pair of jeans.

I’ll update you all on my progress.

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