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Off the Plan

My husband was in the hospital for day. I had to take him to the emergency room and I came back and stayed with him all day. I only had one planned meal. The rest of the day I had to eat out. I had some sushi and some Tom Ka Gai soup from a Thai restaurant.

I still think I did alright and that I will still be down tomorrow at my weight-in.


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Down a Half

Lost .5 last week – down to 227.5. A total loss of 11 pounds.

I am just grateful that the scale is going in the opposite direction. I went for a walk on the Mall in DC this weekend and felt much better. Of course it was not nearly as hot as the last time I was there but, it was much more comfortable. I also see more definition in my shoulders and have received comments from friends and family stating that my face looks a bit thinner.

I have been trying to keep up with my visualization. I haven’t listened to my CD in a few nights. I have to get back into the habit…

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betoYou may have heard of this type of exercise. Legend has it that one day personal trainer Alberto “Beto” Perez forgot his music tape for his exercise class and led the class using his personal Columbian music instead. Zumba was born! It’s basically a dance aerobic video with various kinds of Latin music.

You will finish this workout dripping with sweat! It burns a ton of calories and I think that the two times I completed it last week is what was responsible for my 3 pound weight loss, instead of the 1.5 or 2 pound weight loss that is standard with JC. I have done 4 workouts this week, 2 Zumba and 2 Power Walking sessions. I want to get back to Pilates, but the bottom line is that Zumba and TaeBo burn so many more calories that if I want to get a good bang for my buck, so to speak, they are a better investment of time and also have the added benefit of strengthening my abs.

Check out the website if you are interested in Zumba!

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Some of you may have heard of this show on the style network about a woman name Ruby. She has lost some insane amount of weight, like 400 pounds. And she has done it naturally (without surgery). Just plain old diet and exercise.

Ruby's Before and After

Ruby's Before and After

Well, I watched her when she was interviewed recently on the Today Show. Some believe that there are  people in the world that exist to make others feel bad about themselves – like supermodels and people with perfect SAT scores. If you believe that then conversely, you also have to believe that there are others that exist to make people feel good about themselves. One would assume that Ruby is one such person.

A person could look to Ruby and say “Wow, thank goodness I am not as fat as her! The ___ pounds I have to lose doesn’t seem too bad now!” However, I think that is insulting and it cheapens her and people like her. Ruby is an average Southern lady who decided that instead of taking several insulin shots daily, as her doctor was about to prescribe, she would attempt to lose the weight that was the cause of all her health problems. She still weighs over 300 pounds even after losing 400. That means that she weighed over 700 pounds at one time. What was that like for her? The physical and emotional difficulty of existing in a 700 pound body is something that I cannot begin to imagine. Other than the ailments that she likely suffered (and perhaps still suffers from), such as sleep apnea, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc., try to imagine other things. Things that we all take for granted.

Walking: I posted about how embarrassed I was when I went sight seeing on a hot day and had to cut the day short. After walking for a few hours in my 230 pound body, I was exhausted and ill. Imagine how I would have felt in a 700 pound body.

Sitting: You know how uncomfortable it is when you have a tight pair of pants or jeans and have to sit at your desk. The front button and jipper digs into your stomach all day. Then when you take them off after work, you have a painful mark on your belly from where the front button was. Imagine how uncomfortable that would be at 700 pounds. Would you even be able to wear a pair of pants like that?

Driving: I have a red Honda Accord Coupe. It is low to the ground, almost like a sports car. I noticed that I was having more trouble getting into and out of my car in the last few months. It’s a bit easier now after an 8.6 pound loss and a few workouts. Imagine getting in and out of your car at 700 pounds.

Traveling, Shopping, Sleeping…. this is just a short list of things that would be at worst painful, but definitely uncomfortable or downright embarrassing if you were Ruby.

So I salute Ruby today and wish her the best of luck on her journey. Rock on, sister!

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Lots of Exercise + Head Cold = 3 Pounds

I am down to 229.9 pounds. Not really in the mood to blog much this morning because I am still a bit sick. Although I managed to get in a workout this morning. That cleared up my congestion a bit.

Total weight loss of 8.6 pounds in about a month. Good deal. Smoothie time! Woo Hoo!

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Celebrity Fat Shaming is the New Black

31fat500.1aI recently found this article online. I was researching people who had lost 100 pounds or more and had kept it off. I want to get a sense of what that is like even before I get to the maintenance phase of my journey. I want to talk a little bit about fat shaming.

I want to lose weight because it will substantially improve my quality of life. I will not tire out as easily throughout the day. I nearly collapsed from heat exhaustion this weekend while sight seeing in DC. It was so humiliating! I had not realized how out of shape I was until that moment. When I drop this weight, I will not be at risk for obesity-related diseases as I get older. It will increase my life expectancy. It will be easier for me to get affordable health and life insurance. I will be able to wear skirts and shorts again, which are much cooler in the summertime, because I will not suffer from the very painful  “chub rub” – which is what a co-worker of mine at the ACLU used to call the rubbing together of one’s thighs underneath one’s skirt. I will save money on clothing. Plus-size clothing costs more money. Clothing is available in so-called “standard” sizes (12 and below) at thrift shops and other stores for a fraction of the cost. I will be looking for a new job in the coming months and will need to find a new interview suit soon – it is very difficult to find a well-fitting suit when you are a size 16/18 and again, alternations cost $$$$.

When I describe myself as “fat” I do not mean that in a shameful way. I mean it in a merely descriptive context. I do not associate any shame with the word. Fat is simply what I am at this point in my life. I also find that when you remove the shame, the weight loss “work” itself – the  changing of eating habits and the exercise – seems like less of a chore.

I was horrified at how Kirstie Alley described herself after she put her weight back on! She could have just said: “Hey I stopped exercising and let my portions get out of control, so I gained the weight back. I need to step back and look at where I went wrong and be more vigilant about my eating and exercise habits.” That would have been sane. Instead she said: “I was so much more disgusting than I thought!” ” [I] loathed [myself]!” Huh?

What is there to loathe? You are a wealthy, successful actress and business woman! You got fat, you didn’t name names before a Senate committee. Like it or not, Kirstie, Melissa Joan Hart and Valerie Bertinelli inspire a lot of people. In America, we don’t have royalty. Celebrities are our “Royalty.” The way these women described their fat selves does not send a very good message to those who struggle with weight issues. Instead it tells us that we ought to be ashamed of our fat lazy selves and that we don’t deserve to live! And no feeling makes a gal want to swan dive into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s faster that that one!

I am not ashamed of my fat. I accept myself as I am, which gives me the courage and strength to do better by giving my body what it needs to be healthy. Take a lesson Kirstie.

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