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Great Expectations

82952_Celebutopia-Dita_Von_Teese_mo This is a photograph of a woman named Dita Von Teese. For those of you who do not know, she is a Burlesque Artist. I know what you’re thinking: what the fuck is “burlesque”? Well, my friends, burlesque is basically just the predecessor of the modern day strip tease. Think Gypsy Rose Lee. It’s just taking your much more expensive clothing off more slowly and charging more for admission. Anywhoo, I post this picture as an example of what is considered an ideal female form. Our friend Dita is reported to be 5’5″ and 105 pounds. Hmmm.

Jon Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Method suggests as part of his visualization technique, you pick an image in a magazine or an old picture of yourself at your desired weight and visualize yourself at that weight. In addition, he specifically instructs that you do not worry  whether or not the image you select is realistic.

I wonder if this is good advice. I have read Jon Gabriel’s book and although I am technically on a “diet”, which he does not recommend, I have felt that his visualization techniques have been very helpful, particularly for killing my sweet cravings. The techniques also reduce stress so that I can avoid binge eating. However, I feel that perhaps the whole “pick a picture” idea could be damaging to some. I don’t want to underestimate my ability to lose a great deal of weight, but I also don’t want to set my self up for a Lifetime Original Movie-esque eating disorder experience.

The National Eating Disorders Association poses the following questions to those who wonder whether or not they have an eating disorder:

Do you spend time wishing parts of your body looked different? Yeah, I’m a woman who has never looked like society tells you that your are supposed to look.

Are you unhappy with your reflection in the mirror? Not really, since I know that I am in the process of changing, and even so, I think I look pretty good now.

Do you skip meals? Say it with me: Hell no!

Do you count the calories or fat grams in anything you eat? Nope. I nice lady named Jenny Craig has already done that for me.

Do you exercise so much that you are fatigued or have frequent injuries? If I don’t feel like working out, I don’t. Fatigue is your body telling you to slow down. Sometimes I do a lighter workout instead of a more intense one.

I think I am free and clear in this department, but someone who has a history of disordered eating might be thrown back into some bad habits after reading the Gabriel Method. Although, he does state very clearly that if you have an eating disorder you need to seek professional help.

I have been through several sets of visualization pictures because I have never been comfortable with the ones I have selected. I think “This girl is too skinny, I could never look like that.” Or I think “C’mon, you could do better than that. Don’t sell yourself short.” Marilu Henner, who has a very sound philosophy on health, transformed her body quite dramatically between her 20s and 40s, going from about a size 14/16 (where I am right now) to about a 4 or a 6. She spent her teens and 20s crash dieting and had destroyed her metabolism. My problem is that in order to make me feel better over the years people have said things like “Oh, don’t worry, you’re just big-boned.” And I suppose I grew up believing that they were right and that I would never be any slimmer than maybe a 12. Well, I am calling bull shit on that right now. I don’t see why I cannot look similar to someone who is the same height. Both Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears are exactly my height (5’5″). Beyonce is about 130 pounds and Britney is about 105. I don’t know how accurate these internet stories are of the stars height and weight – think of their resumes as your driver’s license: The numbers could be fudged a bit.

Will I ever have a body like Dita’s, Beyonce’s or Britney’s? Who knows. But I believe in swinging for the fences in all areas of life and even if I strike out, I think it will be well worth it. Besides, some of the best home run hitters in Major League Baseball history also had more strike outs that others. I think if you asked Babe Ruth if striking out all of those times was worth it, he would answer with a resounding Yes!


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Down 18 pounds

220.5 – I lost almost 3 pounds last week! My counselor says this rate of an average 2 pounds per week is twice as fast as their typical client. I think my Gabriel Method visualization is helping a lot. Also I have added a 5th workout over the past two weeks so that may also have something to do with it.

At this rate, I should be at goal by August of 2010! Sweet! And speaking of sweets, I will sample Jenny Craig’s Pumpkin Spice Cake tonight! It’s a seasonal holiday dessert. Yummy! So far I am very surprised by their menu. The JC food is pretty good.

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A “Sherry” on Top of My Sunday!


Wow! Last night my husband and I saw an amazing show at the National Theater here in Washington – “Jersey Boys”. It was really spectacular. The best part was that our seats were only $50 each and because the National is an old theater that is built really well, our balcony seats were fantastic! The music was wonderful, of course, the cast for the tour was great (usually the touring cast isn’t nearly as good as the Broadway cast), and the staging was very innovative. They did this thing where they had a projection on video screens in the background showing the group during the scenes of their appearances on American Bandstand and The Ed Sullivan Show. The thing is, the footage was so spot on that I think the “fake” 60s cameras on stage were real cameras filming them in real time on the stage and projecting it on the screens behind! Very cool.

And another piece of good news: I am down 15.1 pounds after 8 weeks! A week ahead of schedule. I weighed in at 223.4 pounds yesterday morning. I have also lost 9 inches total: 1 off the bust, 4 off the waist, 1 off the abdomen and 3 off the hip! This was pretty amazing. I have to say I was not expecting this. My JC counselor and I have adjusted my menu to give me more protein for my workouts. Zumba takes a lot out of me, so on those days, I have a higher protein breakfast. So it’s going pretty well. I am into a pair of jeans that I haven’t been in for over a year and I wore this brown top last night that I have never worn because I bought it off season last year and by the time I got around to wearing it, it no longer fit around my hips. It fits now!

Here is a You Tube clip from the London cast of Jersey Boys! Enjoy!

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So Skinny I Forgot to Blog

Even the day off plan that I spent in the hospital with my husband did not throw me off track apparently. I still had a 1.5 pound weight loss bringing me down to 226. I forgot to enter my progress on Sunday.

I have noticed something. I am noticeably less hungry on the days that I work out. However, I took a day off today because I felt that my body needed the rest. On the day after I have a particularly grueling workout, I am VERY hungry. But as I skipped my evening snack last night, I don’t see the harm in one extra dairy and one extra fruit serving today.

I am hoping to be at the 15 pound mark by October 11. I will likely be at 225 pounds this Sunday. I could easily be at 223.5 by then.

There will be more substantive post to come. This week has been a little busy at work.

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