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“My Kind of Town, Chicago Is!”

I can’t stop hearing that Sinatra song in my head! I have been in Chicago for exactly 5 days and I feel great. I took my pants off the other night to get changed into my pajamas and my husband said “Wow! Look how skinny your legs are getting!” Before I drove here Saturday, we had not seen each other in more than 2 weeks. I had been eating off menu for at least half that time as I was in a hotel and all my dishes and cooking utensils had been packed for a while. But still, he noticed a difference.

I think my fat programs are finally turned off. I am not craving unhealthy foods and once more, I am even starting to crave healthy stuff. I went the the grocery store the other day and walked through the pasty section with ease. Then I caught a glimpse of something. I got that feeling that I used to get when I saw Cake Batter ice cream in the frozen food section. I grabbed the item immediately and put it in my cart. But it was not ice cream – it was edamame!

Also I am back to walking everyday. Errands involve walking rather than riding in a car. When I weighed in at my first JC consultation since arriving in Chicago, I weighed exactly the same amount that I weighed when I left, about 212 pounds. However, I have pairs of pants that are falling off of me!

One thing I do worry about is if my fat programs will be turned back on by the extreme cold. We have temperatures in the single digits today. I guess we’ll see…


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