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Plateau is Gone, Bitches!

"Fuck you, weight loss plateau!"

Down 3 pounds from past week! Weighed in at 204.8 this morning. Whew! Finally! I worked out 5 days this week – 30 minutes of cardio and 25 minutes of Pilates. I think the Pilates made a difference. I was have also lost a lot of inches since November. Particularly I have lost 4 inches off of my abdomen alone! So I have 66.3 pounds left to go. It doesn’t really sound like a lot anymore. If I lose an average of 1.4 pounds per week, which is what I have averaged in the 24 weeks that I have been on this journey, I should be there by year’s end.

Okay, so now is the time to redouble my efforts. This week we will be upping the cardio from 20 minutes to 35 minutes and doubling the length of the Pilates workouts. So a total of 75 minutes of exercise five days per week. Also, I will be getting back to my meditation before bedtime. Let’s see if we can’t push my weight loss average to 2 pounds per week. That way I will reach goal by my 33rd Birthday – October 29, 2010.

So I have two goals, one short-term and one long term: First, get to 200 pounds by Valentines Day. Second reach my goal weight of 138 pounds by my next birthday. Rock on!


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Claim Your Baggage and Unpack It!

The Suze Orman Show is now available via podcast on iTunes. It is the 3 year anniversary of the publication of her book “Women and Money” where she discusses the particular emotional and psychological issues that women have and how these issues affect the management of their money. I have read this book and I would recommend it to everyone. I have been listening to the Suze Orman podcasts recently and I noticed something. The people that go on to her show and spill their guts about their financial problems all have something in common. Their problems with money began around the same time that something else went terribly wrong in their life. A divorce, the loss of a job, an unplanned pregnancy ending in a reluctant adoption, or the death of a family member and suddenly they have $50,000 of credit card debt and are about to declare bankruptcy. Another thing I have noticed: they have usually put on weight.

There are three important areas of your life: Your People, Your Body, and Your Money. If any one of them is off track, the others will soon follow. This is especially true if you are a woman. Examples:

  • Your People: Divorce. This is a traumatic in most people’s lives. And it doesn’t seem to matter how big of a bitch or asshole the guy or gal was. You tend to think of yourself as a failure because you couldn’t keep your marriage going. The weight usually starts to come on when the marriage starts to go sour or right before you legally or physically separate. Some people’s immune systems are weakened and they end up sick. A cold or flu that they can never seem to kick. Many women find themselves having to shoulder the entire responsibility of money all by themselves for the first time in years – often for the first time ever. Some shut down out of fear and are afraid to even open their credit card statements. Before they know it, they are behind in the rent or mortgage and find themselves in serious trouble. Loss of health/weight gain and money problems as a result of a relationship gone wrong. And it doesn’t even have to be a husband. It could be an estranged friend or family member.
  • Your Body: (This is me.) You gained weight while in grad school. You find that you are going out less and less. You don’t want the world to see you in this awful body that you now have. You discover months later that you have lost several social connections. You run up a bunch of credit card debt through binge eating or just buying whatever you can to distract yourself from the fact that you have gotten fat. Debt and no social life – self inflicted as a result of weight gain.
  • Your Money. (This is also me.) You are unemployed. Every story you read is about how shitty the economy is and you have lost all hope of ever finding a job. You find yourself screening calls from family and ignoring friend requests on Facebook because you don’t want your old classmates or distant cousins to know that you are a big loser who can’t find a job. When you finally do find a job, it is so crappy that you are too embarrassed to tell people what you do for a living. You eat an enormous amount of food because you figure that it’s the only good thing left in your life and you have convinced yourself that you deserve to eat whatever you want. “Hell, I’m unemployed and life sucks – but I am going to eat as man Big Macs as I want!”

People Baggage. Body Baggage. Money Baggage. It’s all the same. And if you want any of those three areas to improve, you have to fix the other two. Your relationships, your body, and your money all have to be working in concert, otherwise your life will be a complete mess.

So, do yourself a favor. Claim the baggage – all of it. Unpack it, throw all the useless shit away and get busy livin’ the dream!

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Holiday Weight Loss is Possible!

Thanksgiving week I was 212.8 pounds. On January 3, 2010, I weighed in at 208.8. That is a loss of 4 pounds from Thanks giving to New Year’s. Not impressive considering the amount of weeks that went by, but very impressive considering that most people gain 8 pounds during that time – but I lost 4! And I sampled a few sweets along the way, too. But there is one thing I did: I made sure that the sampling occurred on the actual day of the holiday. I stuck to my regular healthy eating habits most other days. If you do that, and stick to your regular exercise plan, not only will you not GAIN weight, but you should be able to lose a few pounds.

Now that I am starting to see significant changes in my health, I am trying to think about my life more holistically. I could use a new job, but I think I will focus this year on blogging and on my book.  I have seriously neglected all my blogs over the holidays. So, new commitment! My main goals are to get under 200 pounds by Valentines Day, blog at least once a week, and to finish my book by Spring! I think I can do it.

Happy New Year everyone!

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