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Insanity Day 8: Cardio Power and Resistance

What makes this DVD so hard is the arm work–push-ups, floor sprints, traveling push-ups, V push-ups….after about a minute and a half my arms give out. I suppose I will build more strength as time goes on. I checked my heart rate during the most difficult portion–right after the intense jumping–it was 168. I felt tired but a heart rate in the 160s is OK. It’s actually in the perfect zone. When I took it at the beginning of last week at the same time in the workout–it was in the 180s (unsafe). In only a week, I have made phenomenal fitness gains. I have actually gained 2.5 pounds (likely muscle and maybe a little water retention, as Aunt Flo is scheduled for a visit this week), but a pair of exercise pants that are fitted but are a size large are loose already after only a week. Glad the other two I purchased are mediums! My husband says that my lower back looks tighter and slimmer. You use the spinal erector muscles alot in this workout, so that is not surprising.

Time for my protein shake. Happy Monday everyone!


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