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This Just In: Fast Food Will Kill You

You gotta love the government. They do their best.

The new healthcare reform legislation signed by the President yesterday includes a provision that requires restaurants to post the calorie counts of the food on their menus.  The law applies only to restaurants with 20 or more locations. Clearly this legislation is aimed at the fast food industry (and other family chain restaurants). I could not help but laugh when the AP News Article noted that the purpose of the new law was to “make sure that customers process the calorie information as they are ordering.” Translation: to make sure that people are aware that the cheap, processed, chemicalized food-like substances they are about to shovel down their gullet are bad for them. Well….Duh.

Is there anyone alive in America today who does not know that fast food is bad for you? If you find someone, let me know…After all, it was fast food that took me from 210 pounds to 238 pounds over a three month period back in 2008.

Apparently policy makers think that if they just educated people more about food then they would magically start eating better and everything would be fine! The Jews and the Palestinians would be at peace, global warming would be taken care of and we’d all join hands and sing Kumbaya! It doesn’t work that way, folks.

The food they sell at McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Taco Bell is not intended to be healthy, it’s intended to make you feel good while you are consuming it and keep you coming back for more—just like nicotine and blow. The fast food industry has essentially the same business model as the tobacco industry. They have a dangerous and addictive product they advertise aggressively (especially to children) that consumers enjoy by the millions. Meanwhile they spend millions of dollars in research and development trying to figure out ways to make the product even more addictive while pretending to be concerned about their customers health.

The federal government is not innocent in this department. They don’t really care about your health either because members of Congress receive obscene campaign donations from the food industry, so they allow them to keep poisoning Americans…but it’s getting real now. We’ve got diabetic toddlers with sleep apnea and 25 year olds with high blood pressure who can’t climb a flight of stairs. So they have to do something. Correction: they have to make it look like they are doing something.

The cover story in the current issue of Newsweek is about Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative to fight childhood obesity. I am sure the program will “raise awareness.” Yes, it will try to assist parents in making healthier choices for their kids. I think the First Lady’s intentions are good and that she is genuine in her concern for the health of America’s children. You can have all the “initiatives” you want, but at the end of the day it comes down to this simple truth: you have to stop eating at these restaurants. Unless the First Lady stands behind a podium (with her gorgeous, shiny hair and awesomely fit arms) and says “Stop eating fast food”, this program will have zero net effect. We all know that she will never say that because the food lobby in Washington is far too powerful.

Even the so-called “healthy options” at fast food restaurants are not healthy at all. Yes, these options may be lower in calories, but they are still so chemical-laden that they cause just as much damage to your system in the long run. Consumption of unnatural chemicals and toxins over a period of time contributes to weight gain. Furthermore, merely eating less of the chemically-laden food instead of none at all will prove quite difficult—it’s damn near impossible. Eating this food on a regular basis puts your body into what is called nutritional famine. The food is so devoid of essential nutrients that it will only make you hungrier in order to compensate for the vitamins and minerals you are not getting. In the long run you will end up consuming more calories overall because your body is not getting what it needs from the food that you are eating. You will be hungry ALL THE TIME!!! Yeah, try dieting when you feel like that.

The solution: STOP.

Stop eating food that barely resembles food. Load up on all the healthy organic, chemical-free food you can find. Yeah, it’s expensive….but so is a quadruple bypass.

Eat high quality food–fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts and seeds, even chocolate and ice cream if you want (my faves are organic dark chocolate covered almonds and coconut milk ice cream). Eat as much as you want. Over time you will notice something amazing: you won’t want as much.


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No Time for Constant Blogging

I will not be blogging daily about Insanity anymore. It takes up too much of my morning and I have other blogs, two jobs and you know, eating and sleeping to tend to. I will however provide updates when I hit milestones–probably the next time I take the fit test. But fear not, I will continue to blog on other topics…

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