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Skinny Therese’s Favorite Fitness Bodies!

I am partial to fitness models, rather than the regular, run of the mill fashion models—they tend to be too thin. When I dream of the body that I would like to have, this is what I think of. Thoughts?


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Insanity Day 15: Fit Test #2

After 2 weeks of Insanity, I re-took the initial Fit Test this morning.

My “new” results are in bold below:

switch kicks:  70; 100

power jacks:  36; 52

power knees:  73; 91

power jumps:  23; 27

globe jumps:  7; 9

suicide jumps:   6; 9

push-up jacks:   12; 15

low plank obliques:   43; 69

The fitness gains are pretty good. I would have liked to see some weight loss (I am still at the exact weight that I started : 199), but I will take the fitness victories for now. The fit test was just as difficult as it was the first time. It seems that no matter how far you go in this workout, you have to keep working just as hard, but after a short while, you realize that you have done 30 more of “whatever” than you did only a few days/weeks ago.

I’m happy with my progress so far.

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No Time for Constant Blogging

I will not be blogging daily about Insanity anymore. It takes up too much of my morning and I have other blogs, two jobs and you know, eating and sleeping to tend to. I will however provide updates when I hit milestones–probably the next time I take the fit test. But fear not, I will continue to blog on other topics…

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“And on the Seventh Day…Therese rested…”

No Insanity today. Ahhh…

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Insanity Day 6: More Plyometric and Cardio Circuit

God, I hate this video!!! There is just so much jumping, suicide drills, push-ups….I am confident it is good for me and will get me great results, but Jesus! I am officially due for a 30-day (actually 28-day) weigh-in on April 11, 2010. I may weigh myself first thing in the morning tomorrow just to see if I have lost any weight this week.

I will also adjust my diet a little this week. I have sort of been giving myself a break because I figured that since my body is working so hard,  I should be able to go with my natural appetites. If I was hungry this week, I ate. Period. After doing such a difficult workout, I guess I felt sort of entitled. This week, however, I will have REAL carbs only: oatmeal, Ezekial Bread, fruits and veggies. I was considering purchasing that Beachbody Recover Drink, but I looked at the ingredients and discovered that it has an awful lot of weird chemicals in it. As I am trying my best to live as chemically-free as possible, I instead found a post-workout protein powder on Peapod, where I order my regular groceries online, which has a lot less of the scary ingredients in it. I can mix it with orange juice, soy milk, non-dairy ice cream, or water. I also may blend fruit with it as well. I chose vanilla instead of chocolate–thought it would be more versatile. I’ll let you know how that works out.

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Insanity Day 5: Pure Cardio


But as I had a recovery day yesterday, I woke up energized and ready to go! I may be sore again tomorrow, but generally I feel great. It was as the DVD promised: pure cardio. Nonstop for about 30 minutes after a really intense warm-up–no breaks until the ending stretch! It was actually kind of fun, though. I enjoyed working out for the first time in awhile…

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Insanity Day 2: Plyometric and Cardio Circuit

A little sore today. Had to stop and rest many times. This workout was also longer…40 minutes. I made it through the entire workout though!

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OK, my midsection looks like I'm carrying twins, but I must tits look fantastic!

This is the infamous “before” picture. I begin Insanity in 2 days. Trying to make sure that I am really diligent with my vitamins, green veggies and water this weekend. Don’t want to meet Shaun T. on Monday morning dehydrated and nutrient-deprived.

I just came from lunch at Harry Carey’s. While this lunch was big, it was jam-packed with great food that was great for me: Mixed green salad with vinaigrette dressing, pan-seared tilapia with microgreens, and fresh berries with a dollop of whipped cream for dessert. I also had coffee, which I will replace with tea over the next 60 days. Tea will be one of only two beverages that I will drink during this time–water will be the other, obviously. I will also go from 10,000 to 25,000 units  of Vitamin D per day.

The only other thing on the no-no list is dairy–I have generally stopped eating dairy products anyway. I am allergic to it, which causes a disruption in my digestion making it difficult to properly absorb vitamins and minerals. I am trying to find a way to add more protein to my breakfast. I am not an egg person, but I do enjoy turkey bacon, so a piece or two of that will be added to my fruit and whatever whole grain I start the day with–usually Kashi cereal, oatmeal or Ezekial toast. Tomorrow I will go to a vitamin store and purchase more Vitamin D and look for a good multi-vitamin and some sort of recovery supplement–maybe a soy protein concoction that I can mix with water or orange juice.

So there we go. I did a little Pilates this morning. I will do a longer Pilates workout tomorrow to keep my abs strong and get a good stretch in my legs and back so that I am nice and relaxed for my first intense workout.

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress!

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